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Gender Equality Policy Guidelines


The Executive Yuan published the Gender Equality Policy Guidelines ("the Guidelines") in 2011 to provide the top level policy for gender equality in the country. An amendment was published in 2017 to ensure the Guidelines moved with the times and to respond to suggestions from the public. The Guidelines were amended again in May 2021 so that they moved in the same direction as the government's overall policy and strategy and followed domestic and foreign trends while accommodating the ongoing campaign to promote the equal rights of work. The Gender Equality Committee invited experts and scholars in gender equality to join the discussion and the other ministries to provide feedback before it submitted the amendment for approval at the 23rd committee meeting.

The amended Gender Equality Guidelines are structured with "Foreword", "Vision", "Philosophy", "Policy Objectives", "Campaign Strategies" and "Addendum". The contents cover "Power, Decision-making, and Influence", "Employment, Economy and Welfare", "Education, Culture, and Media", "Personal Security and Justice", "Health, Medical Service and Care" and "Environment, Energy, and Technology" as well as 33 campaign strategies. International conventions, declarations, and spirit of goals were also added with special attention to protection of the disadvantaged. Meanwhile, the Guidelines also require the Executive Yuan to oversee the ministries in adopting the Gender Equality Guidelines and utilizing gender mainstreaming tools to organize gender equality action plans and implement related initiatives.

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